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The last round is set to go or stay + Premier League relegation battle! Newcastle return to the Champions League, Brighton lock European qualification!

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In the 37th round of the Premier League, Newcastle drew 0-0 with Leicester City at home. The Magpies locked the top four places in the Premier League one round in advance and successfully promoted to the Champions League next season. So far, the top four in the Premier League have determined three seats: Manchester City, Arsenal and Newcastle. Manchester United will compete with Liverpool for the last seat.

Manchester United only needs to be unbeaten against Chelsea in the next round of the make-up match to ensure the top four before the final game. The game time is 3 a.m. on May 26, and Manchester United is at home. The Premier League will end at 23:30 on May 28. Manchester United will play Fulham at home.

Manchester City won the Premier League title in the 22/23 season. Harland made fun of his father in an interview.

“My whole family enjoys all this, especially my dad. It’s not something you experience every day. I have to enjoy the moment. Now I can finally say – I won another Premier League title more than him. I can write it on my resume.”

Neville believes that only Liverpool can stop Manchester City in the Premier League:

“In the past five to six years, the only one who can challenge Manchester City is Liverpool. Arsenal has also caused some trouble to Manchester City this season, but I can only say that the only one who has proved to be close to Guardiola’s Manchester City is Liverpool under klopper.”

“I know they haven’t done well this season, but they can return to that level next season because they have proved they can do it.”

Brighton beat Southampton 3-1 at home, locking the European game seat for next season ahead of schedule. This will also be the first time Brighton has participated in the European game in its history.

De zelby’s team currently has 61 points in 36 rounds. The last two rounds are against Manchester City and Aston Villa. As long as they get 1 point in two games, they can be 100% sure to play in the Europa League next season.

In fact, Brighton has been able to play in the Europa League Cup. Villa, the seventh place, can only theoretically squeeze Brighton out of the sixth place, that is, villa needs to win more than 16 goals in the last round. Brighton’s performance this season is obvious to all. De zelby’s team fully deserves this Europa League ticket.

The relegation situation is also becoming clearer. Southampton has decided to be demoted. The other two demoted teams will be born from Everton, Leicester City and Leeds United, of which Leicester City and Leeds United have 31 points. If you want to win the last round of relegation, you must also look at Everton’s performance in the last round. Everton will succeed in relegation if he wins the last round.

Final round schedule of the third team ↓

Everton vs Bournemouth

Leicester City vs West Ham

Leeds United vs Tottenham

Three team goal difference ↓


Leicester city-18

Leeds union-27

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