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The Premiership opens tonight. CCTV broadcasts Tottenham and Manchester United

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The Premier League has always been the league with the most suspense and topics

Two months after the suspension, the 2022-2023 Bundesliga, Premier League and French Bundesliga were unveiled in the early morning of August 6, Beijing time. Compared with the fans’ jokes that “Bayern will defend the title in advance until ten years later” and “I predict that the French champions will be Paris”, the Premier League has always been the league with the most suspense and topics.

On May 22, Manchester City player fernandinho (middle) held the trophy high to celebrate his victory.

The ownership of the Premier League title last season was not revealed until the last round. Manchester City won at home, narrowly maintaining a one point lead over Liverpool and winning the Premier League title for the fourth time in five years. Manchester City and Liverpool finished with 93 and 92 points in the league, while Chelsea, who ranked third, had only 74 points and was thrown out of several positions.

Among them, the broadcasting of the Premier League is the most popular – CCTV will broadcast the live broadcast of Tottenham vs Southampton on the evening of the 6th; Manchester United vs Brighton was broadcast live on the evening of the 7th.

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