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Top 24 of the European Championship, Coming Out!

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With less than three months left until the start of the European Championship, all the top 24 teams have finally been announced! With all three playoff finals over, Georgia eliminated Greece 4-2 in a penalty shootout, Ukraine defeated Iceland 2-1, and Poland narrowly defeated Wales 5-4 in a penalty shootout. Georgia, Ukraine, and Poland boarded the last train, and the complete group stage of the European Cup was also presented to the world.

The top 24 of the European Championship and the complete grouping——

Group A: Germany (host country), Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland
Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
Group D: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France
Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine
Group F: Türkiye, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic

It is worth mentioning that the German European Championship will kick off on June 14th and end on July 14th local time, with a total of 51 matches (36 group stage matches and 15 knockout stage matches). Except for the opening match, all three group stage matches will be played in 4 days, with three matches scheduled for each day. Although it hasn’t started yet, as the schedule gets closer, fans are still full of expectations. The great powers are also conducting military exercises.

For example, the host country Germany chose France and the Netherlands as opponents during this cycle. Not long ago, the Germanic team defeated the championship favorite France with a stunning victory. In the friendly match that ended early this morning, they defeated the Netherlands with a comeback victory. After Kroos returned, the Germanic team has continuously defeated two traditional powerhouses and seems ready to make a big comeback at home.

Other international football warm-up matches and heavyweight matches are also constantly taking place. England and Belgium shook hands 2-2 to make a draw, Portugal suffered a cold defeat to Slovenia, France defeated Chile 3-2, and Croatia defeated Egypt 4-2 away. In the most eye-catching strong dialogue, Spain and Brazil staged a goal battle, with both sides jointly scoring six goals and achieving a small climax in the final moments. Paquita’s penalty draw helped the Samba Legion shake hands with the Bulls Legion 3-3.

Now, with all the top 24 teams in the European Championship falling behind, relevant institutions have updated their latest championship odds, with England and France leading the way, Germany rising to third place, and defending champions Italy only ranking sixth. The specific details are as follows——

  1. England: 10/3
  2. France: 7/2
  3. Germany: 5/1
  4. Spain: 15/2
  5. Portugal: 8/1
  6. Belgium: 16/1
  7. Italy: 16/1
  8. Netherlands: 16/1
  9. Croatia: 25/1
  10. Denmark: 33/1

So, who do you think will ultimately win this European Championship?

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