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Goodbye Zidane! Manchester United refuses to change their manager, and the management supports Tenghage, leaving the new owners of the Red Devils helpless

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In recent times, Manchester United’s performance has rebounded, with four victories in five league games, gradually bringing their position in the standings closer to the UEFA Champions League. They are only 7 points away from Manchester City, which is the top of the league. This has reassured Manchester United fans and also relieved coach Teng Hager. Prior to this, due to the team’s poor performance and frequent loss of points when facing weak teams, Tenghage’s coaching position was on the brink of danger, and even the voices of Manchester United changing their coaching positions began to spread from within.

In addition to the reasons for Manchester United’s performance, the acquisition work of the team is also one of the uncontrollable factors in the change of Manchester United’s position. Currently, the acquisition negotiations between Ratcliffe and the Glazer family have gradually come to an end, and the upcoming 25% stake in Manchester United, the Ineos Group, will also gain control of Manchester United. In previous interviews, Manchester United’s new owners were still very dissatisfied with the team’s recruitment strategy for the past two seasons. They believed that Tenghage’s creation of Manchester United’s lineup was not in line with the team’s long-term plan, and that Manchester United should have clearer goals.

However, according to ESPN, Manchester United’s senior management is still very confident in Tenghage’s coaching. They will not meet with any recommended head coach agent. The team insists that Tenghage stay in Manchester United’s position and has cancelled meetings with the agent multiple times. In previous news, the target candidate for Manchester United’s head coach was former Real Madrid coach Zidane, who is also considered the best candidate to replace Tenghage. However, with the insistence of Manchester United management, the possibility of Zidane coaching is not high, and Zidane himself seems unwilling to coach Manchester United.

From the current situation, any candidate who wants to replace Tenghage as Manchester United’s head coach must consider how to adjust the team’s existing lineup, otherwise it will be difficult to convince Manchester United’s management. After coaching Manchester United, the team excavated a large number of former players, including Anthony, Amrabat, and Onana, who have become important players in the Manchester United dressing room. If the internal issues of Manchester United’s dressing room cannot be balanced, it will be difficult for other managers, including Zidane, to achieve success at Manchester United.

For Manchester United today, although their performance has improved, the challenges they will face in the coming period are still quite significant. The opponents they faced in the first few games were not very strong, but they will continue to face strong teams such as Newcastle, Chelsea, and Liverpool. In addition, the Champions League has reached a critical stage where points must be scored. How Tenghage adjusts the team during this period determines what kind of results Manchester United can achieve in the future, which will have a different impact on his coaching position. Otherwise, even if the management supports him, His position is still very dangerous.

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