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Ibuprofen test positive!! save against a rainy day? The Premier League is considering a plan to cut back this season!

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According to the times, after learning from last season’s lessons, the Premier League has begun to prepare ahead of time to prepare for the failure of the season.

It is reported that one of the current plans is that if 75% of the matches are completed, it will be decided according to the ranking of the season when the waist is cut off. If 75% of the matches cannot be completed, this season will be cancelled.

The Premier League will meet next week and it will take 14 of the 20 teams to agree before the proposal can be passed.

1、 Ibuprofen was positive

According to the official website of AC Milan on the evening of 24th Beijing time, the team’s striker Ibrahimovic tested positive for the new coronavirus, while the rest of the players were negative. At present, Ibrahimovic has been isolated at home.

After the diagnosis, Ibrahimovic updated his personal social media and declared war on the new crown: “I tested negative for the new crown yesterday, but positive today. There are no symptoms at the moment. The new coronavirus has the courage to challenge me, which is a bad idea for it Nine days later, Ibrahimovic will turn 39. For the veteran, it may take a while. However, the good thing is that Milan’s current pressure on the European League is not very big, no accident can be promoted. On October 18, Milan derby will be staged. That match should be Ibrahimovic’s stage.

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