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In August, European football matches are held every day. There are new rules in the Premier League. One Action will lead to a penalty

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The Premier League has ended. After the second round, Liverpool have won their first Premier League title, Arsenal have won the FA Cup again, and Manchester United have entered the top four and won the Champions League However, the FA did not relax, but once again developed new rules to improve the game system as much as possible.

The football association has recently introduced a rule which will take effect at all levels in England. If a player coughs intentionally to his opponent or referee, the referee will show him a yellow card or even a red card

  1. Arsenal qualify for the Europa League

Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to qualify for next season’s Europa League. Pulic scored the first goal for the blues. Obamayan scored twice to help the Gunners complete the reversal. AZP, plicic and Pedro were all injured and Kovac was sent off.

August 4: the final of the championship promotion play off

August 5: Europa League 1 / 8 final

August 6: Europa League 1 / 8 final

August 7: Champions League 1 / 8 final

August 8: Champions League 1 / 8 final

August 10: Europa quarter final

August 11: Europa quarter final

August 12: Champions League quarter final

August 13: Champions League quarter final

August 14: Champions League quarter final

August 15: Champions League quarter final

August 16: European Union semi-final

August 17: European Union semi-final

August 18: Champions League semi-final

August 19: Champions League semi-final

August 21: Europa League final

August 23: Champions League final

August 30: Community Shield (Provisional)


September 3-8: European Union

September 12: Premier League new season starts

August 22: FA Jia

September 12: Premier League, La Liga

September 18: Bundesliga

September 19: Serie A

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