It’s a single game! The most dead zone of the Champions League comes out, and the six big clubs are gathered together

On the evening of July 10, Beijing time, the drawing ceremony for the quarter final, semi-final and final of the 2019-20 Champions League was held at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this is the latest knockout in a single season in the history of the Champions League.

As usual, the team representatives did not arrive at the ceremony, but used video connection. UEFA Deputy Secretary General Marcotti presided over the draw, and the guest of the draw was the famous Portuguese player Paolo Sousa, who won the Champions League with Juve (1996) and Dortmund (1997).

In the quarter finals, Leipzig Red Bull will win Atletico Madrid, Atalanta will play Paris Saint Germain, the winners of Real Madrid and Manchester City will face the winners of Juve and Lyon, the winners of Napoli and Barcelona will face the winners of Chelsea and Bayern.

Champions League quarter final match——

A. Real Madrid / Manchester City winner vs Lyon / Juve winner

B. Leipzig vs Atletico

C. Naples / Barcelona winner vs Chelsea / Bayern winner

D. Atlanta vs Paris Saint Germain

In the semi-final, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juve, Barcelona, Bayern and Chelsea all entered the same semi-final, forming a super death zone. The six giants, as well as Lyon and Napoli, will compete for a final ticket.

The other half division teams are Leipzig, Atletico, Atalanta and Paris Saint Germain. Paris and Atletico are expected to meet in the semi-finals, but Leipzig and Atlanta are also the two big black horses.

Semi final match——

A winner vs C winner

Game b winner vs session D winner

Four teams have been confirmed to reach the quarter finals of this season’s Champions League: Atalanta, Leipzig, Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint Germain. Before the outbreak, they eliminated Valencia, Tottenham, Liverpool and Dortmund in two rounds to advance.

However, there are still four games left to play in the second leg of the Champions League 1 / 8 final. They are Bayern playing at home against Chelsea, Barcelona at home against Napoli, Juve at home against Lyon and Manchester City at home against Real Madrid. These four games will be played in the home court of each team.

The situation of the last four matches in the second leg of the final of the Champions League 1 / 8 final

Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (Chelsea 0-3 Bayern in the first leg)

Barcelona vs Napoli (Naples 1-1 Barcelona in the first leg)

Juve vs Lyon (Lyon 1-0 in the first leg)

City vs Real Madrid (real 1-2 city in the first leg)

The four unfinished second round matches will be held at 3:00 a.m. on August 8 and 9, Beijing time. The second leg matches between Juve and Lyon, Manchester City and Real Madrid will take place on August 8. Bayern’s second leg against Chelsea, Barcelona and Napoli will take place on August 9.

After these four games, the quarter finals and semi-finals of the Champions League will be changed to single elimination system. Benfica’s Stadium of light and Portugal’s Stadium of alvarad will host the last seven games of this season’s Champions League.

According to the schedule, the quarter finals of the Champions League will be held from August 12 to 15, the semi-finals will be held from August 18 to 19, and the Champions League final will be held on August 23 at the stadium of light. Istanbul, which was originally scheduled to host the 2020 Champions League final, will host the 2021 Champions League final.

Under the special competition system and background, who will be the champions of the 2019-20 season?

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