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Liverpool are back on top! Double kill Manchester United!

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Liverpool are back on top!

Early this morning, Beijing time, in the 30th round of the 2021/22 Premier League season, Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-0 at home, surpassing Manchester City in the first game and temporarily topping the standings.

In the double red meeting, Salah only took 22 minutes to pass the shot. While breaking the 8-game ball drought, the Liverpool winger once again proved that he is the real nemesis of Manchester United!

Salah’s two-line drought had lasted eight games before the match against Manchester United, with the Egyptian winger failing to score since the March 16 match against Arsenal. Coupled with his delay in renewing his contract with Liverpool, this has led to some criticism.

However, Salah’s form against Manchester United was quite good. Just 5 minutes into the opening, Salah provided an assist for Dias after breaking into the penalty area. In the 22nd minute, Mane’s wonderful pass allowed Salah to break into the penalty area and then scored a low shot, breaking the ball shortage.

Salah can break through, and Mane’s passing is crucial. The legendary defender Neville commented, “This Manchester United keeps giving space to the opponent. The football played by Liverpool is so beautiful, this is the embodiment of strength.”

According to the British Sky News Network, in the 7th minute of the game, the fans stood up and applauded Ronaldo, who was wearing the No. 7 jersey at Manchester United, and some Manchester United fans raised the No. 7 jersey at the scene. Liverpool fans sang the team song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to pay tribute to each other’s leading players.

Keane: This is not the Manchester United I used to play for, it looks like a completely different club now. There’s no liking for this team right now, because this team has no soul, and even they’re like robots in their postgame interviews. Lingard should have left Manchester United two years ago and Rashford is playing like a kid today.

Manchester United manager Rangnick: This loss is embarrassing, disappointing and humiliating, but we have to accept that Liverpool are six years ahead of Manchester United. When Klopp first came to Liverpool, they finished eighth with 1.6 points per game, which is roughly where we are now. This Manchester United need to rebuild.

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