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Love each other! Manchester United and De Gea are on the verge of a new contract.

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De Gea, who was once a player, is supporting the United defence

City 3-0 Bristol City advanced to the top 8!

In the summer of 2011, Sir Alex chose to bring in talented goalkeeper De Gea from Atletico Madrid after failing to bring in Neuer. The transfer fee was 18.9 million pounds.

In 2023, De Gea became the goalkeeper with the largest number of games in United’s history.

The British media recalled that in the 26 and a half years of Sir Alex’s coaching at United, he only missed three official matches at United.

One of them was to attend his son’s wedding.

Another was to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law.

Another missed game was to go to the scene to inspect the performance of a 19-year-old goalkeeper. His name is De Gea.

A few days ago, in the Carling Cup final, there were no Newcastle, and De Gea surpassed Schumacher with 181 times, becoming the goalkeeper with the highest number of times in the history of Manchester United.

It was Sir Alex who gave him the trophy.

In the summer of 2011, United bought De Gea from Atletico Madrid for 25 million euros. By 2023, De Gea has been playing for United for 12 years.

He is only 32 now.

Romano: Manchester United are satisfied with De Gea’s performance. The 32-year-old De Gea is also eager to stay at Manchester United. The contract renewal negotiations between Manchester United and De Gea are still ongoing. The two sides hope to reach an agreement as soon as possible. De Gea hopes to stay at Manchester United. Manchester United will not trigger the optional one-year extension clause in the original contract (that is, the existing contract expires at the end of this season). United hope to start the calculation next season according to the salary amount of the new contract.

[On the right path]: In a flash of an eye, De Gea has been at Manchester United for nearly 12 years. In the last Carling Cup final, he had no Newcastle, surpassing Schmeichel with 181 times, and became the goalkeeper with the highest number of times in the team’s history.

Since taking office at Manchester United, Tenghage has led the team to participate in 40 games and led Manchester United to win the League of England Cup, ending the team’s nearly six years of championship famine. Tenghage became the eighth manager of Manchester United to lead the team to win the championship of major events. The top seven were Mangel, Busby, Doherty, Atkinson, Ferguson, Van Gaal and Mourinho.

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