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Messi is leaving Barcelona! Where is the next stop? Manchester City or Paris!

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According to the joint reports of Argentine media and Spanish media, Messi has told Barcelona today that he is going to leave the team, and he will use the clause in his contract allowing him to jump out of the contract after each season. The Barcelona meritorious man is likely to leave the team before August 31.

It is reported that Messi’s contract with Barcelona will expire in 2021. At present, Barcelona’s official position is that Messi is not for sale, and there is a 700 million euro (632 million pounds) penalty clause in his contract.

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City are assessing the possibility of signing Messi, according to ESPN. City have always been Messi’s suitors!

However, city have an advantage: Coach Guardiola has worked with Messi in Barcelona for many years, and has achieved brilliant results. The personal relationship between the two is also very good. In addition, city also has Messi’s Argentina national team friend Aguero. The atmosphere of playing here makes him feel more satisfied.

This season’s Champions League final team Paris Saint Germain is also one of the teams interested in Messi. Paris coach tueher said Messi was very welcome to Prince Park and city have been linked with the transfer of Messi after winning two Champions League titles under Guardiola.

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