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Official announcement! No punishment

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According to an official announcement of UEFA this morning, nine clubs (Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid) withdrawing from the European Premier League are exempted from fines. Among them, the Premier League Big6 saved a total of 22 million pounds.

However, rather than thanking UEFA, Big6 would like to thank the European Super “diehard” Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus for their intransigence.

In the early morning of September 28, Beijing time, UEFA officially announced that it had withdrawn the litigation proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus participating in the European Super League, and the other nine clubs that had withdrawn from the European Super League did not need to pay fines.

UEFA has informed the Madrid court that it will not sue the three clubs that have not withdrawn from the European Super League. However, UEFA insists on its unbeaten position against the European Super League, and the withdrawal of the prosecution will not affect UEFA’s position.

UEFA will still make every effort to prevent the European Premier League and any other form of independent league from becoming a reality, and does not rule out the possibility of restarting legal proceedings. As UEFA chose not to continue the current legal proceedings, the other nine exiting clubs did not need to pay the previous fines.

On April 19 this year, 12 major European clubs announced the establishment of the European Super League, but the plan was generally opposed by UEFA and fans from various countries as soon as it was announced. Nine clubs quickly withdrew from the plan, while Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus continued to support the European Super League.

On May 8, UEFA announced its decision to deduct 5% of the income of UEFA’s clubs in a season from the nine teams that withdrew from the European Super League and donate a total of 13 million pounds together with other clubs for football public welfare. Take any appropriate action against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juve who have not quit.

On June 9, UEFA announced that it had suspended the disciplinary investigation procedure against Huang sawen. On July 30, Huang savin issued a joint statement calling for the cancellation of the punishment on the European Super Club, otherwise UEFA will face legal responsibility.

At the end of September, UEFA announced the cancellation of the lawsuit against Huang savin, and the other nine clubs did not need to be fined.

The media pointed out that the change of UEFA’s attitude towards European Super participants is related to the biennial World Cup recently promoted by FIFA.

FIFA is currently trying to promote the reform plan of the world cup, which will be shortened from once every four years to once every two years. If implemented, it will certainly have a great impact on the interests of UEFA, but also damage the interests of European giants and clubs with many international players. Both sides have a common enemy. Therefore, UEFA United is happy to cancel the lawsuit and do a good job in internal unity, so as to win over Huang savin against FIFA.

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