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Team 6! Manchester United and blues all qualified

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In the fifth round of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United beat Villarreal 2-0, Chelsea 4-0 at home, Juventus, Manchester United and blues qualified from their respective groups.

Five days later, Manchester United will play away against the top ranked Chelsea in the Premier League. This game will be a very serious challenge for Carrick.

So far, six teams have been produced in the top 16 of the Champions League, namely Liverpool, AJAX, Bayern, Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus.

Four Premier League teams participating in the Champions League, Liverpool and Manchester United have locked the top of the group, Chelsea have qualified ahead of schedule, and Manchester City’s qualifying situation is also optimistic. The four Premier League teams have reached the last 16 of the Champions League. This scene has a great chance to appear again, and they will not meet in the last 16 knockout. Based on the performance of these four teams in the group stage, which team do you think will go further in this Champions League?

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