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The second round of the Premier League – the seeds of friendship are sprouting. What a wonderful European war!

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After the restart of the Premier League, Xie Lian “digs deep and accumulates food”. The seeds of friendship are budding and start to make friends! Liverpool lost 3-0 to Newcastle United on the road, while Everton and Liverpool started their own Derby. Injured Salah sat on the bench, Milner and Mathieu were injured and left the field successively, “the most significant Merseyside derby in history” broke the cold door, 0-0, Liverpool scored 1 point, slowing down the pace of winning again.

  1. The Premier League is back:

At the same time, the 3-0 game added to the confusion in the Premier League. As the biggest black horse of the season, Sheffield United suffered two rounds of defeats and dropped to No. 7. However, Manchester United and wolves are easy to smile. The former drew 1-1 with Tottenham on the road, but also narrowly kept the fifth place in the scoreboard. The latter 2-0 won the relegation Team West Ham United, ranking up one place.

Even if Manchester City can win in the rest of the schedule, Liverpool only need to win two games. Winning Everton and Crystal Palace is not too difficult for dregs’ team. Even if there is a slip up, the team can wait until the 32nd round expedition to beat Manchester City at artihad stadium. Is it more technical?

After finishing the Premier League title, the next topic is naturally the Champions League seat. From the point of view of the current situation, Manchester City has been severely punished by UEFA for violating the financial fairness policy. The team of guarai has appealed earlier. If the appeal fails, then the team ranking fifth in the Premier League this season will have the chance to get the gate ticket of the Champions League.

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